Friday, January 30, 2009

Black Blood: A Poem For My Love

(Original post date: Tuesday, August 19th, 2008)

A body full of sorrow and pain
Veins filled with black blood,
Skin dry and cracked,
Bones broken
A human with no core and no soul
This is the image in the mirror
Staring back at me, at you
Once in love, and now full of hate
Once whole, and now ripped in two
Where do you begin?
Where do I end?
One half me, one half you
I will never find my way back, nor will you
We are separate, but the same
We are never going to be the same
The rain no longer warm and soft
Instead, thick droplets of blood
Replace the love drained from my veins
All I see is your broken, cracked face,
Filled with pain and guilt,
Empty of truth, empty of love
How do we change this aching, bitter, cracked road,
This twisting, widening mess,
To get back to that place?
The gates of heaven or hell opened for us,
By us, to service us
I am bleeding in my heart,
Choking on chunks of blood...
Feeling your loss,
Feeling your pain,
Aching in vain
What have we become?
A bag of brittle bones,
Blood to ashes,
Hate to fear
What is it that you fear??!!!
Why do you hate me so?
Knife so deep,
Cracked my heart,
Ripped my soul
Swallowing black blood...
I hold your face in my gaze,
Tears dripping down,
Wishing that this road had an end
The blood has turned to dust and ashes
Good-bye is all that's left
The last drop of blood touches my lips on yours
Good-bye is my final word,
Written in blood on your lips
Until we meet again...
Angel with gilded wings,
Who saved my life a long time ago,
Then took my life without a second thought, look or embrace
With black blood on your wings and hands,
How do you love me again?

© 2008 JB. All rights reserved.


  1. I LITERALLY held my breath the entire time I was reading this..! My gawd JB!! this is sooooo deep...I have no words...
    Your thoughts all twisted yet clear...
    I love the climax...
    I bow to u for this writing....


  2.'s deep but I can dig even deeper. No bowing needed, it's something I felt and still feel.


  3. Wow.. I literally am speechless. Passionate to say the least. Like letting me right into your soul.

    Loved it.

  4. @Amanda, my soul is feeling a little battered lately can you tell. I think that letting it all pour out of me is all I can do to keep, keeping on.


  5. Like it, I like it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  6. Wow, nice poem. I love reading poems and how it seems like your getting alittle of how that person feels, which, I know a lot how you feel. This poem is deep and really good. :)


  7. @court right back at you thanks for reading. Happy you enjoyed.

    @Gina,I'm happy you came and like my poem. It's nice to get postive feed back.

  8. Jb... perfect, intense, unique, YOU!
    Thanks for sharing it with us... for letting me/us hold you and keep you close.
    Letting us feel and just "wow!" with the profundness of your soul.

    Thanks and I'm here for you.


  9. @izzie.....thanks for the words....and I'm here for you.


  10. you are quite the poet :)

    i have similar feelings sometimes. but you craft so well.

  11. @floreta...I was telling a friend lately that I would rather write poems with happier themes but I can't this is what's in me. Thank-you for the comment it's nice to hear. I don't consider myself a poet but I do love to write free flow like this it's something I feel real close to.



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