Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alone In Me

Hands up my shirt
Tugging at my heart strings
Hands down my pants
Just the motion
No emotion
A lost soul
Wasting time
Filling gaps
Filling holes
Only a play a story
No beginning
No end
No names
No numbers
Who are you?
My God...
My Messiah...
My end?
I hate you!
Go to hell!
I’ll show you the road
Crawl back into your cavern of lies
Dark whore
Soulless wench
Eyes made of wooden spears
Branches for limbs
No one
Only empty lust
On empty nights
Alone in me

© 2009 JB. All rights reserved.


  1. Hey, JB!
    I LOVE this! I write poetry too. I also write short stories. Mostly they are for my own entertainment, though. The last time I wrote a poem, it was about James Dean. It was called "25" and it was about all the things I thought he was and all the things I thought I was. The last line said: "...And I was something you were not -- I was 25."

  2. Wow that is some strong stuff!
    Very powerful, jb!

  3. DAT was deep!! And had like a sadly soulful touch to it...
    I feel for you !

  4. this is a bit intense, hope all is well. where'd the inspiration come from? x

  5. First of all, thanks for finding me around here, and no... it isn't my cat, sadly, 'cause I love them... I just think it kinda reflects my soul right now...
    As for reflection of soul... just loved this and will come back more often... feel free to do the same around my place.
    Thanks for the kind words***

  6. Hey... thanks for visiting and adding... thanks for the strenght of your words and I'm now off to check out the musian you pointed... =D
    Words aren't enough to explain the smile you brought to me this morning...

  7. Hi JB.

    Thanks for your comment once again. I always appreciate what you have to say, it keeps me grounded and currently with the way my mind is endlessly spinning I need someone like you to do that.

    Isn't it funny how two people can relate so well in the world of blogging but it's always so hard to meet any of the 'right' people in 'real life'.

    My email is

    You may email me the inner workings of your mind and what inspired your poem. Or you can just tell me more about yourself.

    Stay safe x

  8. Raw and beautiful. You are a talented writer.

  9. I'm sad because I checked my email but I couldn't find your email anywhere! Maybe it got lost in transit :(

  10. Yeah, raw and real. I hope you are well, jb.

  11. Oh man, that sounds like the decade of my 20's. If your lucky it comes to an end when you find "the one" and you finally can settle into a nice loving relationship with someone who cares as much about you as you do about them. Up until then it's like sometimes fun, sometimes hell, but never stable. I prefer something stable. I am going to keep hoping that you find exactly the right person for you. Too cheesy?

  12. This poem paints images of myself, a woman who goes through life aimlessly..

    A woman who goes through the familiar steps towards falling in love and yet, she really isn't headed to that direction..

    She has wasted too many loving relationships, searching for the kind of love she needs..but what is that kind of love anyway?

    Then she looks back at the journey she has taken...all the things she was and wasn't, the fake happiness, the fake relationships. She realizes: she has and always will be alone and incomplete.

  13. aimless wandering??? i think. great words these


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