Thursday, December 10, 2009

Most Played Albums On My iPod for 2009

I thought that since Christmas is only weeks away, that I would list the most played albums on my iPod this past year. I also got Eddy to link to all of them for me, so you guys can check them out. This way, you can add to your wish list if you hear something that you really like!

Alrighty, here they are (in no particular order, I might add):

1. IRM - Charlotte Gainsbourg
2. Only By The Night - Kings Of Leon
3. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack - Various Artists
4. XX - The XX
5. The Wooden Arms - Patrick Watson
6. No Line On The Horizon - U2
7. Fantasies - Metric
8. Glee: The Music, Vol. 1 - Glee Cast (Vol. 2 is also good)
9. The Fame - Lady Gaga
10. Hook Me Up - The Veronicas
11. Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate
12. Oracular Spectacular - MGMT
13. Neon Bible - Arcade Fire
14. Our Love To Admire - Interpol
15. In This Light & On This Evening - Editors
16. Slow & Steady Seduction, Phase II - Anya Marina
17. Youth Novels - Lykke Li
18. Le Volume Du Vent - Karkwa
19. Day & Age - The Killers
20. La Histoire De Lola - Florence K

Anyone out there have some music picks that they'd like to share?


Friday, December 4, 2009

5 Minutes To Share - Leave Your 2 Cents

My fellow bloggers, how are you guys? I miss you all and blogging very much. Unfortunately, with all of the Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and a multitude of other Christmas themed cakes and desserts calling my name, I've been bakery bound, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. 'Tis the season (God, help me, pretty please), as I'm sure you've all noticed, and do I have a story for all of you. One word - Panetone. More on that later though because I only have 3 of my 5 minutes to share left, and I need to put something out there before I go completely cuckoo.

You guys ready for this? Okay, here goes...

In the middle of my totally insane life, Cupid decided to pay me a visit. What I am trying to say is that I think that I've fallen in love. {exhale} Yeah, that's right, people, it seems that love has caught me totally off guard and I don't know what to do about it. At first I thought I was just a smitten kitten, but now.... Should I say something or just let it be what it is?

What do you say, peeps? Leave your 2 cents.

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