Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grab A Hanky For This One: Ellen & Portia's Wedding

Last week my cousin asked me if I had watched Ellen, lately. I said no because I just hadn't been getting to the TV in time these past few weeks. My cousin said thank God because the footage from Ellen's wedding was shown on Tuesday, and if it made her emotional, it would have made me a total wreck. Knowing that what Ellen & Portia have is what I wanted with my Ex, my cousin advised me not to watch it. I had just written my My Blanket Of Sadness post, and she didn't think I wanted to go on another Kleenex roller coaster ride any time soon.

Well, I took my cousin's advice and avoided Ellen for a whole week, but today I couldn't resist it anymore. I needed to see the video and to let the feelings overwhelm me. I needed to see it because I can't avoid things that make me feel sad. I would rather just let it rip through me, so I can continue to heal. So, I made myself cup of herbal tea this morning, grabbed my trusty (and almost empty) Kleenex box, and off I went in search of Ellen and Portia's day of wedded bliss.

When I finally found the video, I sat back and let it play. After what I have been through, the video was (as my cousin warned) incredibly emotional for me. Still, even though it was difficult to watch, I didn't cry as much as I thought I would, and a lot of the tears were happy ones. Seeing two people so in love with each other makes me believe that there is hope for those of us who are still looking for what Ellen & Portia have found. There is plenty of love for each and every one of us.

Thanks, Ellen & Portia, for giving me hope.


P.S. If you want to watch the video of Ellen & Portia's wedding day, just head on over to my myspace page, and click to view all of my blog entries. Once the page turns over, scroll down towards the bottom to locate the video.


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