Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fashion Rocks

The other night I got a chance to watch Fashion Rocks (it was being repeated), an award show that incorporates fashion, music, and art – three of my fave things. The performers actually sing on this show, unlike the AMAs (lip synching anyone?). One thing that stuck out for me was Beyonce performing At Last – made famous by the amazing Etta James, who was actually sitting in the audience. There aren't too many of the great Jazz legends alive, so I was really moved to hear Beyonce do the song justice, and I look forward to seeing her play Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records. I’ll probably end up buying the soundtrack (I love soundtracks) as well.

My second fave performance of the evening was Fergie singing the Blondie hit Call Me with Debbie Harry. I actually can’t stand Fergie, but Debbie Harry I love, and she totally made that whole performance for me. Back in the 80’s (before that night I just told all of you about), I actually got a chance to see Blondie live in a small bar type venue, and I was able to get my copy of Parallel Lines, their most famous album (yes, as in vinyl... it was a picture disc album), autographed by Debbie Harry, which is still so totally freakin' cool to me even now. :)

Another performance that I really enjoyed was Kid Rock, and Lynyrd Skynyrd singing Sweet Home Alabama. Kid Rock also sang with R&B/Soul singer Mary J Blige (love her), and watching those two rock it out goes to show that, just like with fashion, there are no boundaries. I mean, just like we can piece together different styles of clothing to create new looks, we can mix up different music genres to create new sounds. It makes sense then to put together an award show that combines these forms of expression, don’t you think?

Anyway, I really enjoyed the show. Did any of you see it?



  1. Ah, I miss cable so much! I'm an awards junkie too. Anytime anyone gets a statue, I'm so game. And I just read your post below-- it was really captivating. Thanks for posting it.

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  3. I did, I did! Kid Rock and Mary J were my favorite part of the show. Happy Holidays!

  4. I did not see Fashion Rocks. How neat that the singers actually sing.

  5. Hey Gran, yeah the singers actually sang, which made it even more amazing to watch.

    Denis Leary was the host and it was the first comment or joke he made about the whole show. He said "tonight the singers will be actually singing, imagine that concept" it was really funny.


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