Monday, December 1, 2008

Tagged! - 8 Things About Me

My new buddy, the lovely Indy (Hey, what’s up, girl?), tagged me the other day, which means I have to reveal 8 things about myself to all of you. I also have to tag 8 people to do the same, so that’s where I’ll start.

Tag, you’re it:
  • Katie Leigh
  • Scott
  • Jeff
  • Jerry
  • Rory
  • MizD
  • Lux
  • TUW

Now, about those 8 things:

1. I am a total closet case Celine Dion fan. There, now I feel so much better. She is my guilty pleasure. I really love her French songs, and right now I can't stop listening to her new album.

2. I have loved & lost, and the loss still torments me even as I type this.

3. I love jeans, especially designer jeans. At last count, 16 pairs.

4. Some of the greatest gifts in my life are my parents, sister, and close friends (especially my roommate, who is the brother I never had).

5. I have a passion for music that I can't even begin to tell you about. Music comes with me everywhere I go & keeps me sane.

6. I am a kind hearted person who always tries to see the good in people.

7. I believe that trust is very important in a relationship.

8. I still sometimes cry myself to sleep at night because of #2.



  1. Hey JB! I am great.. I was wonder why you havent posted or commented in quite a few days now!!
    I am glad you did the Tag!!!

    But about #2... :(
    Time is the word gal...

    whats new?
    Write a post updating now, will you! :)

  2. Hi there! I just have to say that a hamburger *would make me happy. :)

    I shall have to ponder my 8 things.

    Your #2 and #8 make me feel like hugging you!


  3. JB, I'm sure you're aware of the fact that Canada has appologized for Celine Dion on several occasions. Or was it Bryan Adams? ;)

    I picked up the glove JB. I picked up the glove...

  4. hey JB ... I just realized 3 of my favorite people start with JB.. James Bond, Jack Bauer (24) and now u who is officially my favorite blogger besides myself.

  5. i couldnt edit that ..right? should have been "my favorite people's name start...blah blah blah"... we should exchange e-mails. would be easier.. yours is not on your blogger's profile.

  6. Jerry, there isn't enough apologies, Canada can give for Celine, but I still love her. As for Bryan I don't know what his excuse is.


  7. Lux, I'm happy a hamburger will make you happy, at least someone is getting something out of it thanks.


  8. Miz, may I call you need to edit. Seriously, I went and read some of the messages on your blog and let me tell you, I guess no one knows about the spell check feature that comes with messanger and every other email service.

    Everyone sounds like my mother. She has an excuse, she can't speak ingalish very goude so what's up with everyone else.

    Thanks, for the nice words, stay in touch.

    Peace Out

  9. Indy.....great post today. I left you a little message girl.


  10. I never realized how much I liked Celine Dion until I went to her concert and was excited about it. It was a very strange revelation.

  11. JB, I guess the problem with Adams (Bryan, not me!!!) is that he has no excuse. ;)

    No hurt feeling, ok? Pwease, pweatty pwease...

    And btw: I have obeyed your order :)

  12. Warm wishes from another closet Celine Dion fan :)

  13. Loved learning more about you. Indrayani is right. In time you'll be better about dealing with #2. I know that sounds funny but you know what I mean.

    Peace - Rene

  14. I'm excited to be tagged and I'm excited to list my 8 things but I don't know that I have 8 people to tag haha :(

    But I will still do my 8 things because somtimes when you're asked to think about yourself, you learn who you are so much more than when you just plod through life.

    Thanks for your comments on my photography. I took your advice and commented on ricecandy saying I would like to be a part of it and they wrote back saying they would like to use some of my photos. :) hooray

  15. The deed has been done. Now hopefully I won't be stricken with an incurable disease.


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