Friday, December 5, 2008

Distant Death

Distant looks
Distant touches
Empty love
Dances in the distance
Tip toe
Me over here
You over there
Noise wraps the air
Madness dances in my hair
Flakes of sky dust on the floor
Puddles of softness
Enveloped in darkness
Love is now a million tiny deaths
Repeating in my head
Hear my muffled cries for you
Calling out
I know you can hear me
See me
Feel me
Touch me
Save me…
Flowers lay on the casket
Eyes look down
Staring at my death
Hands stroke cold flesh
Six feet down
I reach the cold hard ground
The earth hits the casket
Good-bye, wicked life
I bid you adieu

© 2008 JB. All rights reserved.


  1. Wow. Jjb. That is powerful. I bow to you.

    Peace - rene

  2. My god!
    Thats so deep!
    How did u think of this one JB?

  3. May I be the usual party pooper (again)? Oh well, you know I will anyway, so...

    I don't think JB actually thought of it.

    I do think this is how she feels/felt at some point in time.

    But never mind me, I'm must thinking out loud.

  4. Rene: Thanks so much, but please, no bowing necessary. :)

    Indy: Thank you. :) As for how I thought of it, ask Jerry.

    Jerry (aka Mr. Party Pooper): I am wicked a** tired right now, so I'm not really sure I understand your comment. When you said "I don't think JB actually thought of it" do you mean that I didn't actually write the poem??


  5. No JB, that's not what I meant.

    When you write such stuff you don't really have to think of the message you want to convey. It (the stuff) already exists inside you waiting for you to start putting it into words. At least this is how it's always worked for me.

    Sorry for not being clearer about it in my previous comment.

  6. Jerry: Thanks for clarifying. It all makes a lot more sense to me now that I've had some sleep. Anyway, yeah, it's true, none of my poetry is written with any actual thought involved. I just write when I feel compelled to, and don't usually look back until I'm done. When I do take the time to read things over, my reaction is usually "Woah, where the heck did that come from?" because I really have no idea.


  7. Very deep and profound! simply beautiful!

    I'm glad I visited your blog, I'll be back!

  8. death. in it's physical and spiritual form. excellent!


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