Friday, August 29, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Sarah Slean, and Martha Wainright

I was sitting here obsessing over my life and where it's going, and really needed some fresh new music to listen to. So, I popped onto iTunes to start searching. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love Apple and iTunes? I love iTunes because music is released on there almost 2 weeks before it hits store shelves. As soon as I started using iTunes (and we're talking way back when, long before any of my friends even knew about it), I could see how big it was going to get. I quickly told all of my friends to take my word for it, dump their old media players, and switch to iTunes.

Anyway... back to searching for music. First, I checked to see if the soundtrack to the new Woody Allen movie -- Vicky Cristina Barcelona -- was out. As always, iTunes does not disappoint, so quickly downloaded the music. If anyone gets a chance, go see the movie. It's one of the best movies that's come out this year. It's really a gem of a film, and the music is fantastic. I will post a little review of it at some point because it I can't get over how much it reflects my life to a "T" right now.

My next pick off iTunes was The Baroness by Sarah Slean. I really think that she is one of Canada's best singer-songwriters. She even has a book of poetry called Ravens, which you can purchase directly from her site ( I own it, and like to carry it around with me because I usually read one poem out of it every day. She is so talented. If you haven't already, check out her site. You will not be disappointed.

My last pick off iTunes was the latest from Martha Wainwright(, another amazing Canadian singer-songwriter. The woman blows my mind. Her new CD is called I Know You're Married, But I Got Feelings Too. Talk about freakin' good! It's a must buy for anyone who loves good writing and good music.

Well, now that I have downloaded my music, I'm going to get lost in the voices of those two incredible Canadian women and, and let a beautiful soundtrack whisk me away to Barcelona.

Goodnight, sweet voices, good night.



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