Wednesday, August 6, 2008

*67 This, Biatch!

It's 3 o'clock in the morning, and it's my fourth night of no sleep. I'm feeling a little mad and jittery. I got a real hate-on for the Ex-girlfriend and the ex-friend. Ex-girlfriend lives with ex-friend. Yeah, she fell on his penis by accident & they both forgot to tell me about it until a year and half later.

Anyway.... I took it upon myself to*67 their asses six times. That's right, *67. If I can't sleep, why should they get to be deep in slumberland while I contemplate how freakin' tried I am of their bullsh*t? Sleep deprivation does crazy things to the mind. I was dialing the number wondering what I would say if she or he answered, but then it dawned on me that he's a freaking stoner & couldn't wake up if you dropped a bong on him, especially at that hour. Meanwhile, she wouldn't go down a flight of stairs to answer a phone if there wasn't a gift waiting for her at the end of them. So, I dialed and redialed.... No one answered, but I felt really good because there was still the hope that I at least woke her up.

I never would have thought of myself as *67 kinda girl, but I liked it a lot. I thought, why not? It's there to use, right? Someone must have come up with *67 when they had a hate-on for their ex, so why not use it for the purpose that it was invented for? Thank-you, *67, for finally helping me get some sleep.



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