Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Customer of the Week: Baguette Squeezing Lady

Do you guys remember Touchy Tart Lady?

Well, some woman came by the other day who could give TTL a run for her money. At first, I had no idea this woman was even there because I was busy concentrating on the cake I was decorating, but OWC (i.e. Older Woman Co-worker) spotted her and was quick to bring her to my attention.

OWC: (tugging like crazy on my uniform) JB! JB!

Me: (trying to shrug her off) What?! Would you stop pulling at me!

OWC: (still tugging at my uniform) Look at that woman over there!!

Me: (with what, the eyes in the back of my head?) OK, but please let go of me so I can turn around to see what you're talking about.

OL: (letting me go) LOOK AT HER!!!

Me: (a little direction would help) Where is she?

OWC: (pointing) There, at the bread wall.

Me: (turning my head to look) OMG, is squeezing the baguettes?!

OWC: Yes!! I’m going to yell at her.

Me: (grabbing her arm) No, calm down. You can’t just walk over there and start yelling at her.

OWC: But look at what she is doing to them!!

Me: (releasing her arm) I know, but yelling plus fingering pointing equals a trip to the office and a write up.

OWC: Well, I can’t just stand here and watch her ruin all the baguettes.

Then, before I could grab her arm again, OWC took off like a jackrabbit with its hind legs blazing. Naturally, that was my cue to go after her before she started in on Baguette Squeezing Lady and caused a big scene. OWC might be older than the rest of us, but when she sees someone doing something wrong she kind of loses it.

OWC: (making her way to BSL seconds before me) Mam, what on earth are you doing?

Me: (arriving just in time to interject) Hello, Mam. Can I hel...

OWC: (cutting me off) It's OK, JB, I can handle this.

Me: (that's what you think) OWC, can you please go back to watch the counter while I help this woman.

BSL: (looking at both of us, totally confused) Oh, no, I'm fine. I don't need any help.

OWC: Why are you squeezing all of the baguettes?

Me: (turning towards OWC, eyebrows raised) OWC, I really need you to go back to the cake counter, please.

OWC: (turning on her heel and walking away) Humph!

Me: (looking back at BSL) Sorry about that Mam, but you have been standing here for the past few minutes touching ever single baguette that we have, so that is why we came over her to see if you need help.

BSL: (acting like she wasn't doing anything wrong) So?

Me: (uh, seriously?) Mam, you have crushed the ends of almost all of them. How are we supposed to sell these now?

BSL: (getting worked up) Well, I’m a customer and I can squeeze however many I want until I find one I like!

Me: (what a frickin' nut job!) Mam, if you touch another baguette, I will be forced to call management.

BSL: (reaching for another baguette, with a smug look on her face) Is that so?

Me: (die!!!!) Mam...

BSL: (nothing, just squeezing the baguette she just grabbed)

Clearly, I wasn't going to get any where with BSL, so I made my way back to the cake counter where OWC was looking at me with eyes on the verge of falling right out of her head.

Me: Can you call the director, please? (if anyone could put BSL in her place, it was going to be him)

OWC: (nothing, just a mad dash for the phone)

A few minutes later I see the Director coming towards me, so I start walking back over to BSL (who's still squeezing baguettes) to meet up with him there.

Director: (approaching me and BSL) Is something wrong?

Me: Sir, this women insists she is within her rights to squeeze the baguettes until she finds one she likes.

Director: (looking BSL square in the eyes) Madame, do you intend to buy a baguette today?

BSL: (tilting her head to one side) Maybe?

Director: Well, Madame, in my store, if you touch it, you buy it. So, I suggest you take one now and be on your way, or find a store that will actually let you feel up all the baguettes you want.

Me: (OMG, did he just say that??!! "feel up"??!!)

BSL: (nothing, just glaring at the Director)

Director: (glaring right back at BSL) Are we clear, Madame, or shall I place all of the damaged baguettes in your cart and take you to the closest register to pay for them?

BSL: (hands on hips) I am a customer!!!

Director: (mimicking, i.e. hands on hips) My store, my rules, Madame.

BSL: (spinning her cart around to leave) I will never shop here again!!

Director: (relaxing his stance & smiling) Excellent! Good day, Madame.

BSL: (nothing, just furiously pushing her cart away from us)

Yes, good day, indeed, you baguette squeezing biatch!!

- JB


  1. Oh, I LIKE that director of yours!! Can I have him?

    Sounds like she watched one too many Charmin commercials with Mr. Whipple. :-)

  2. LMAO on feeling up all the baguettes hahahah

  3. We all need to have Directors like yours. Seriously...someone who stands up to a customer and tells her to stop feeling up the baguettes - that's AWESOME!

  4. @Chrissy this women was so strange and so annoying. Yes my director is great and he always surprises me.


  5. @Stef thanks for loving the letters. More people should write letters.


  6. @Julie I know feeling up baguettes so funny. Well he did tell it like he saw it and she was feeling them. He's so funny and such a good director.


  7. @Travel I know he is a very good director. It's not the first time he gives it to a customer. He has been in the business for most of his life so he has seen it all and he is so good to all of us. Feeling up the baguettes...lol cracks me up.


  8. weird, who squeezes' baguettes ??

    thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you return soon ;-)

  9. @Tori you would be surprised the people that squeeze baguettes. I can't imagine people doing this in Paris. Thanks for stopping in and I will return of course.


  10. Omg!! loved your scene description. its only Directors that COULD like that..Bravo!!
    Following u now\

  11. Boyah, Like a boss!

    working in retail i really , but unfortunately i could never say thing like this. way to go!

  12. @Cheeky thanks for stopping in and reading.


  13. @Caroline I think that sometimes people should be reminded that we retail workers are human like them. Have a good one.


  14. awsome post you have very intresting blog
    follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  15. @Sadee thanks for stopping in and happy you like the blog. Coming over for a visit to your blog...(O:


  16. Haha oops I think some text fell out there... But you seem to have understood my blur that I ment that I I recognize it, people are crazy! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    Have a great week and kind customers!

  17. @Caroline thanks and you have yourself a good week-end also.



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