Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Down The Rabbit Hole... Again

Remember when I told you guys about that dream I had about bunnies that wanted me to join their clan? Well, I don't know if it's because I'm sleep deprived due to the woodpecker (aka Paul the Pecker), or because I'm overworked, or if I'm just going nuts, but the leader bunny came back for a visit the other night. This time, the dream started out with me sitting in an office filled with potted carrot plants. I was looking around, trying to figure out what the h*ll I was doing there, when I heard the office door open. I turned to look at who was there, and in came the big, fluffy leader bunny.

Leader: Hi JB, welcome back.

Me: Holy sh*t! Not again!

Leader: Why are you so surprised that you're here again?

Me: (this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening...)

Leader: I know what you're thinking. You want to know why you are here, instead of in our den or on the beach.

Me: (no, I'm thinking...) Mommy!!!!!!!

Leader: Your mommy can't help you, JB.

Me: Mommy, hello!!!

Leader: JB, don't be scared. You're here for a reason. Do you want to know?

Me: This is nuts. Please, someone, helllllooooooo!!! Crazy bunny at 3 o'clock!!!

Leader: Wise cracks, JB, that's just like you.

Me: (nothing... just staring back)

Leader: You are on the right path now. You finally did what you needed to do.

Me: What path? What did I do?

Leader: You got rid of the last obstacle that was standing in the way to your new life.

OK, people, now this is where things get really freaky. For some reason, something about the way the bunny was looking at me was making me look even deeper into its eyes. Suddenly, I realized that the bunny was a woman... a woman named Beena. We work together at the deli. She is Muslim and is always telling me how much faith I have. According to her, I'm on the right track & she knows this because she can see right through me. She says that she can feel my strength & that I am her soldier of truth and love. She also says that I have changed all the people who work at the deli.

Me: Uh... Beena?

Leader/Beena: Yes, JB.

JB: Really? Beena, it's you?

Leader/Beena: Yes. I told you people come into your life for a reason, JB. I am your guide. Are you starting to see it now? Have you opened your mind to the possibility that you're exactly where you're supposed to be?

Me: But in the first dream, I hadn't even met you yet. What about your clan?

Leader/Beena: Like you, they are just others who have found their way. Your purpose now is to help Jade (another woman who works with me). It's why we're both where we are.

Me: Jade? Why her?

Leader/Beena: Because, JB, she needs you more then you can imagine. It's your purpose. Do not sway from it because it will get you to the next step in your journey.

Me: But she hates me. She told me I'm egotistical, and selfish, and...

Leader/Beena: No, she doesn't mean those words. What she really wants is to be like you.

Me: Are you really sure I'm supposed to help her?

Leader/Beena: Yes.

Me: Hmm.... You know, you look really weird as a bunny.

Leader/Beena: Yes, but we can't help how we are revealed to one another.

We didn't say anything after that. I just kept looking at her and she kept looking back at me, and then I was awake. I'm freakin' losing it, I thought to myself as I lay there in the dark. Beena the bunny says Jade the hater needs my help. This should be interesting. How do you help someone who's flat out told you that they don't like you?



  1. Lead by example. If she feels you are selfish, egotistical...whatever, prove to her you are not...by your actions.

    Listen to the bunny :).

    Peace - Rene

  2. I would think that if a friend of yours is taking the time to convert into rabbit form and visit your subconscious, you should at least take her suggestions under advisement.

    Now if she had taken WOMBAT form, well, that would be a different matter entirely.

  3. Id break it down and look up the meaning....Sometimes advice given in a dream is often advice you should follow...from what I have experienced.

  4. I'm going to miss you when those people in white shirts come to take you away... LOL We all need help on this journey, just be open and the opportunity to help will present itself if it is meant to be.

  5. JB, come to my new blog. (formerly sponge--but go by new blgo name now)

  6. And I thought I had strange dreams!

    First things first, kill the woodpecker. His mating call is clearly not working. Put him out of his misery. It's for the greater good.

    Second.... actually, that's all I can think of.

    - R

  7. Oh damn, I was so sure until halfway through this that I was the leader bunny and that I was turning you straight. I have turned so many straight women into lesbians it seems like the law of averages would have to come into effect at some point.

    As for what to do, I don't know. All of my dreams seem to end in a huge explosion and don't really call for any actual action.

  8. LOL.
    That's pretty freaky.

  9. You know, I've spent a long time wondering whether dreams really mean anything. If we can really interpret them, as such. I have lots of dreams about being bald and losing my teeth?

    I love your bunny dream, it was inspiring and witty. I've been told that dreams are just your subsonscious communicating to you, I like that your thoughts are so humble.

    Love love x

  10. Break the ice with a gift! Offer Jade Paul the Pecker as a pet. xx

  11. Wow, I think this is a sign...listen to the bunny.

    (I know, I know, I know, I've been lost) I'm back :D

  12. I always thought bunnies are creepy and now you prooved it! You don't help them,the haters always come back to say sorry... or may be not?
    However, you're IT! You've been tagged, so now you have to come and visit me (aka Klara) and see how this works!

  13. Freaky dream, jb. But I like it. Follow the bunny, follow the bunny...

  14. That IS a freaky dream. Any kind of message they try to pass along is always slightly overshadowed when the messenger is a freaky animal wannable!

    Nice blog, I shall be your million-and-first follower :)

  15. Maybe the bunny is right o_0

    Try to find out if there is a connection between the Beena and Paul! lool

  16. Rene: I'm trying, and I love the bunny on your page.

    Chris: The bunny was terrifying enough. God help me if a wombat shows up.

    Bard: Yeah, wow.

    Stef: Oh,yeah, and what have you been dreaming about?

    Ken: I like white jackets, but without belts. Will you come visit me?

    Aves: I'm trying, but Paul is relentless.

  17. Jammie (aka Mmm): Been to your new blog. Welcome back.

    Roberto: Thanks for stopping by. I can't kill Paul. He's under protection.

    JP: Thank you for turing all those straight women. More for me, less for you. Sorry!

    Rica: Yeah, trying being in a den with a whole bunch of bunnies. That's freaky!

    Katieleigh: My little kangaroo, I can't imagine you bald with no teeth, however I do hear that dreaming about your teeth falling out means that you're going to be coming into money. Did you buy a lotto ticket?? Don't forget me.

  18. Anna: Give Paul to Jade? Are you trying to get me killed?

    PLP: I was wondering where you went.

    Libertine (aka Klara aka Magdalena): You have a lot of names for me to keep up with. Like I told Rica, trying being in a den with a whole bunch of them. Creepy!!

    Gran: If I follow the bunny, will you come with me and hold me hand, please??

    Stephen: Thank you for visiting. Yeah, friends in bunny suits sending messages. Why not just send me an email??

    LazyKing: If I start dreaming about Paul and Beena together, then I will really have lost my mind.

  19. I'm so sorry JB, I seem to have a few names. Libertine is my original blogger nickname which I like. Blogspot wouldn't accept it so I had to choose another nickname - Klara. Magdalena is my real, true, long name which only one person in blogosphere used so far lol. Even I got lost at some point, lol! Let's stay with Libertine...

    No bunny didn't scare me to do anything, just needed something new....

  20. Errr...don't listen to lil bunny fru fru! No, seriously, this sounds like Sanoi dreamwork where others come to s in our dreams as other creatures or even people. They believed that the dream and spirit worlds were on and the same. Hmmm.

  21. I dont think dreams mean much except you are disturbed in some way - lol that sounds horrible. I mean that you are stressed or worried or eaten too much before bed or getting sick maybe. Mind you, dreams make great blog fodder. I lost your blog for a long time glad I found you again through Blog Catalogue.

  22. Libertine: No worries. It's all good, my new friend. :)

    Jammmie: Very interesting...

    Lilly: I guess that means I can blame Paul for the dream. Glad you found your way back to my blog. It's good to see you.

  23. Love lilly's unintentional comment. LOL.


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