Monday, November 24, 2008

Down The Rabbit Hole

I had a dream… not a Martin Luther King Jr kind of dream, but a ‘what the h*ll was that all about?’ kind of dream. I was in what seemed like a cave and I was surrounded by bunnies that were sticking white fur all over my body. They wanted me to join their bunny clan, or I guess ‘herd’ is the correct term. I tried to fend them off, but they wouldn't stop. I said to the bunny who appeared to be the leader…

JB: Listen, I'm human.

Leader: Don’t worry, you'll fit right in.

JB: No, I'm human.

Leader: Look, you are being transformed and looking more like us.

He turned me towards a large mirror, and I saw that I was beginning to look like a fluffy Easter Bunny kind of bunny. Wow, I thought to myself, I think I can pull off these ears. I don’t know why, but they looked really good to me. I couldn't stop caressing them.

Suddenly, I felt one of them grab my butt & stick a tail on me.

JB: Hey! No, I don't like it. It feels strange.

They tried to get me to sit down, but I couldn't with that puffy tail stuck to my butt.

JB: Stop, I don't want to join you. Can I keep the ears, though? Please, I like this look.

All of them (there must have been a good 25 or more) stood up on their hind legs and faced me.

Leader: JB, don't worry. We will guide you from this point on. Don't be afraid.

Well, let me tell you, standing up on their hind legs made them a good 7 feet tall and they looked pretty damn scary to me. All I wanted to do was get the heck out of there. I turned to face what looked like the way out and made a run for it.

Next thing I know, I was on a beach and the sand was freakin' hot. I thought for sure it would burn the skin off my feet. I looked back to see if the bunnies were after me, and was relieved that there was no sign of them. Whew!! I then quickly went over to the water and stepped in. It felt so good… very cool, very refreshing.

As I walked along the water’s edge, I was distracted by the view and almost didn't notice that a man was sitting in the sand. He appeared to be meditating, so I was just going to go around him, but then he turned to speak to me.

Man: Hi JB (he had an Indian accent). I have been waiting for you. I am your guide to the next part of your journey.

JB: Do I know you?

Man: Yes, you do.

JB: From where?

Man: From inside your heart. I know your soul. I know your fears. I know where you are going.

JB: Did you see the bunnies?

Man: What are you talking about? I have been sitting on this beach waiting for you.

JB: Oh… sorry…

It was then that I noticed he had no arms or legs. How did he get here, I thought to myself. Again, he spoke.

Man: I am going to guide you, JB, you just have to follow. Are you ready?

All of a sudden, these incredibly huge angel-like wings came of out his back, and he took flight. I was completely mesmerized watching him fly off into the horizon, but what really got to me was when I heard him say, “Go now. Go follow your path.”

JB: My path? What does that mean? I thought you were going to guide me?

Next thing I know, I'm awake & staring at the ceiling through wet eyes. Tears? I don't remember crying.

Holy crap, I thought as I grabbed a Kleenex, talking 7 foot bunnies sticking fur on me, a really hot beach with very cool water, a flying Indian man with no limbs.... I must really need a vacation because that was one crazy a** dream.

The bunny ears did look good on me though… seriously.



  1. super peculilar dream.. amusing that you wanted to keep the ears :p

  2. Loved the ears i'm still thinking about then now. I don't know i was actually feeling my hair when i woke up. And i know i can pull bunny ears off no problem.

    Thanks Katie

  3. I see u put up my badge!! Thanks darling!!
    And this dream.. gurl I am freaking out just reading it..
    soundz tooo fantastical... !

    I wonder what it all means...?
    Any ideas?

  4. JB, your subconsciousness is catching up with you.

    Caressing fluffy bunny ears that can easily be pulled off yet you don do it = your ex, you know you should let it all go, yet you don't. You feel attached and enjoy being/not being with her.

    Flying Indian guide telling you to follow your path - man that's so obvious and straightforwarsd it's scarey!

  5. Jerry Jerry Jerry, how you know me so well. My subconsciousness caught up with me a long time ago.

    Yeah, I know your right let it all go ,she dosen't deserve any of my time or friendship really. So call me nuts.

    But it will happen in due time Jerry as long as i can write about it, I can heal.

    When you spend that much time with one person it is a long road to repave and call your own.

    Thanks for pulling that rabbit out of my ass or sorry hat. Can I please keep the


  6. ehm... well... so... you're welcome... I guess... :)

    I don't know you all that well JB, it's just that I must have been abducted by aliens who then introduced an extra chromosome into my DNA or something... long story short: empathy is strong with me.

    I only put in words what I thought (was I wrong?) you wanted to hear. Sometimes it helps.

    You know... you're right - your writing about it is exactly the same as my blabbing about it.

    I'm gonna sheesh myself now. I talk (write) too much.

  7. Too much coffee and not enough hamburgers will do that you know...

  8. Excellent dream. I can still remember some (not as weird but equally vivid) dreams that I had -- but I don't tell them as well as you.

  9. That's some dream...shades of Donnie Darko, but that limbless flying Indian dude threw me for a loop. Er, with his no hands...

  10. JB is on overdrive, or been smokin' something weird...

    Wicked dream. I'd be scared stupid at the ramifications of a mind like that.


  11. Very err interesting post! ;)

    An entertaining blog that I will follow, thanks!

  12. Makes me think of pinoccio, when everyone turns into donekys.
    I also had a dream like that, when this giagantic beatle cam and picked me up. He said: now we're gonna fly to new zealand.
    and then we did. Half way there, the beatle turned into my grandmother. It was a nice dream.
    did you think your dream was nice, scarry or just weird?


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