Monday, April 6, 2009

Dancing In The Street

Recently, I started following a blog written by a young woman who's a recent Juilliard grad, and I fell in love with this video that she made. It features a friend of hers dancing in the street. I don't know why, but something about the video really speaks to me. I just had to share it with all of you today. If it moves you at at all, let me know.



  1. Not enough bumping and grinding but still pretty great.

  2. Wow, I could not dance like that in the streets.
    I like the song.

  3. Spontaneous madness and lust for life!! Love it!!!!!!

  4. Fabulous! I love the tiny details, like how its clearly cold wherever this is being filmed, and yet she's out there dancing anyway.

    And just great self-expression! I love dancing in the streets. :)

  5. this made me smile and really moved me...
    as always you're right hun!
    thanks for sharing this with us!


  6. This made me smile...

    BUT dont know how much you mean to me baby...Thank you for just always being there, always listening and featuring me! Youre amazing...nt me!

    Hit me up out of blogspot,

    of not there then faceboook

    remember Ima perv sometimes...hahahahaha

    I love you baby boo!

  7. JB!!!

    Yayyy I'm so glad it gives you warm fuzzies.

    I posted a song on my post I just wrote you may like. It's fab.

  8. JBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB (its strange.. that would probably be J-B-B-B-B but its uspposed to be held out...whatevs)

    I want to hear about the deli day. Sometimes I want to write about loathing my retail job, but I work at a plus sized store and people may think I'm being judgemental based on that--but they assault me on the regular.

    ps. I am too lazy to fix spelling mistakes. Sorry

  9. thank you so much for posting my video! so sweet of you!
    i hope you have a wonderful evening!


  10. Well, JB, call me crazy but, honestly, it didn't have that effect on me. Rather, I felt a twinge of cringe factor for the girl--felt a lil embarrassed for her making a spectacle ot there even though she seemed to like it! I know, I need to learn to a live a lil' bit! Ugh. :)

  11. BTW, read my "currently mmm" sidebar status, under dreaming. I suspect you will get a laugh out of it.


  12. Ha ha...made me laugh! I love love LOVE to dance...I don't most of it at home on my bed or the couch, though. Don't know that I would want others to see my cccRRAaazzzyy, wild, (and sometimes sexy) dancing! haha =)

  13. :( you haven't commented my most recent blog.

    this makes me sad

  14. Fab song! Only in NY could you get away with this and not get arrested.

    I want to dance in the streets, too!

  15. It's amazing how she can be so carefree. I wanna be able to do something similar but in the streets of Manila, I might stop traffic with my awkward dancing and be detained in jail overnight.

    It moved me and made me smile. Thanks for posting this, love.

  16. To Everyone who came by to post a comment...thanks alot. I enjoyed this video alot and it's nice to know that you guys like it too.


    It's been a real crazy week for me at the deli....and I mean crazy. It's taken a toll on me but I will post a new story in the next few days. Happy Easter to everyone.


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