Friday, March 13, 2009

You Know You've Had Too Much To Drink When...

This post was inspired by Rob's 'The eMorning After' post. My days of falling down drunk are long since over, but I do have some memories from those crazy times (aka, my young & stupid days). All I can say is you know you've had to much to drink when...

1. … you wake up with a meatball sandwich plastered to your back. (Don’t ask because I have no idea how that happened.)

2. … you wake up and there's a guy in your bed, but you don’t swing that way. (Well, only for Beckham...)

3. … you wake up lying face down on a full length mirror. (I don’t know why, but feel free to use your imagination if you want.)

4. … you wake up to find a message on your answering machine from some angry guy (he obviously had call display) who said that you woke him up at some God forsaken hour screaming, “I hate you... you lying bitch, whore, slut!” (Oops, sorry, dude.)

5. … you get into bed naked thinking it's your room, but you actually just climbed into bed with your parents. (Just imagine what my parents had to say about that the next morning...)

6. … you wake up in bed with twin sisters. (Uh… hmm... no comment.)

7. … you wake up with a grilled cheese sandwich plastered to your chest. (Again, it just floors me how food just gets in places other than my mouth.)

So, any of you want to share now? :)



  1. I never woke up with UNEATEN food plastered to me, but I did lose my teeth in the blankets once.

  2. I guess I've just never had too much to drink.

  3. On #2 Was the guy named - Beck or Ham?

  4. I haven't heard from you in a while


  5. So many compromising positions involving sandwiches! :)

  6. My drunken mishaps usually involve severe cases of drink'n'dial. The worst one was when I was seeing a guy called Peter and composed a VERY smutty and VERY graphic text message to him. Being completely shit faced, I sort of slipped on the keys and was a bit trigger happy and off it went to the name before Peter's on my phone. And who is that? Well, it's "Pappa". My dad.

  7. Very enlightening... and nothing to add :-)

  8. eeeerm, no! but thanks for the laugh...

  9. Hahaha.. these were fun to read!!
    I wanna get drunk sometime.. THIS bad!!!....err.. or good! :)

  10. JB,

    If there's one thing I admire (and respect) about you, it's your willingness to expose yourself. I mean that. Courage is sexy.

    Okay, here's one of mine, the most recent I can conjure for you.

    You know you've had too much to drink when you're puking on a curb in front of a sex club and a police officer says to you, "Mame, you need to get into the cab now."

    P.S. Yeah, my lover and I made it to the sex club, we even walked around and saw a few things, but alas, you know you've had too much to drink when that's about it.

  11. By the way, message to Anna Liffen:

    Are you serious? If your are:

    Dear God, I can't even imagine your mortification.


  12. lol, that's funny! I avoid alcohol so these kind of stuffs will never happen to me. Ouff

  13. Oh my gosh, LOL. For all these exact reasons, I won't drink, LOL.

    But it's funny. LOL, Jb, you just made me smile! *hug*

  14. I cant drink anymore but:
    You wake up and someone has drawn a moustash on you in black marker pen and you dont know. and dont know why everyone is looking at you oddly in the paper shop that your mates just sent you to this morning.

  15. Now... PRICELESS! xD

    without wanting to sound romantic behond words... Have I told you lately that I love you... ;)

    'Cause I do, gril!


  16. Can you beleive it, but ive never been drunk or drugged as i don't want to lose control like that. Glad you live to tell the stories now. Twin sisters, meatballs, and so on? Whoa. one can only imagine how all those things came about. Ugh.

    the parents one would def be worse exp though. hahahah

  17. I like #6...Nothing to feel ashamed about there! ;)

  18. you're suddenly in a bus leaving for another city.

    hey that happens. LOL.

  19. To everyone that took the time to comment on my messy past adventures thanks alot but there's alot more that I will post for you all to read. Just so you know the twins where friends of mine and I only crashed in the same bed as them, this is what I can recall and I'm sticking to this story for now. Also... please remember to drink responsibly or else you'll end up naked on a bench.....and I will turn that into a story oneday soon I promise.

    Lots of Love

  20. LOL. I have to confess that I wanted a drink and reading this just made me want one more, oops that's embarrassing.

    I never blacked out but I did barf on the floor because I was waiting for my friend to get out of the bathroom. After 1/2 hour I could wait anymore and didn't think to use a bucket. Funny thing was, no one was in the bathroom. With an a apartment full of friends, very embarrassing.

  21. full length mirror
    haha. that's amazing.

  22. The reason should be a guy in bed lolzzzzz :D

  23. LOLOLOL!

    #4 is my fave. :D


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