Monday, January 10, 2011

From Google To My Blog

Do you ever wonder what people are searching for when they come across your blog?

Well, I had Eddy check on that for me, and I still can't believe what turned up. Seriously, people are searching for some really bizarre sh*t, and the fact that my blog turned up in the results is totally weirding me out.

Anyway, below are some of the ways that people went from Google to my blog.

** WHO eats MOCK CHICKEN?? And wtf is it????????

- this is who eats it, and this is what it is

** why is paul a pecker neck

- I couldn't say, but thanks a lot for the visual...

** its gonna hurt me hard sex1

- and it's gonna hurt me hard sex2... wtf??

** my sexy are kill are gonna be happy i said bang bang

- I say bang bang, stay the h*ll away from my blog!!

** I have hamburger, what do I make with it?

- don't ask me... I work in a bakery

** nice women sing hamburger

- does that mean naughty women sing hot dog??

** sims 2 sex

- now wait just a frickin' minute, the sims are having sex???

** female pilates woodpeckers

- I don't even want to think about why someone would be looking for those things in the same google search

** lady gaga wants to make hamburger

- good for gaga... I'm sure that meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Awards will grind up nicely



  1. "** my sexy are kill are gonna be happy i said bang bang" ?? what??

    I get quite a few visitors every week who are Googling "sexy bears" or "G-String of the day" these people have to be disappointed with what they find!

    the scariest one was "Glen Staples wife photo" what?? that person would certainly have been disappointed ... :-)

  2. p.s. I was sure you worked in an Italian Restaurant :-) must have been the Alfredo sauce confused me ...

  3. you are a bundle of laughs for sure!

  4. @glen...hambugers, woodpeckers and lady GaGa I'm still alittle confused about what people are writing in the google serach engine. Thanks for the laugh and what color is G-string for today?.


  5. Shadow..your welcome and I'm not even trying to be funny go figure. Hope you had a geat holiday season cause I sure


  6. this cracked me up! i too get some laughs when I analyze my search engine stats, some of them make you wonder if you're still living in the stone age :D

  7. Mantiz...I agree with you. Sometimes I wonder what people are searching for in the fisrt place. Thanks for stopping in. Have a good one.



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