Saturday, November 22, 2008


I don't know why, but I felt the need to get political today. Not too much, just enough to get my thoughts across. Truth is I actually don't talk politics all that much, but this has me upset.

Can someone please tell me why people are being told who to marry, who to love, who to do whatever with? Seriously, I want to know because I think that needing permission to marry someone you truly love is outrageous. I’m not writing this to get people’s undies in a knot, I just think that if I want to marry someone & have a family some day, it should be my choice… a free choice.

What do you think?



  1. Hahaa... Nice..:)
    Oh I can go on and on.. about "permission to marry part" and "to be told to love"...
    this is not on a political note.. but Kinda related to ur question.
    Ever heard the concept of "Arrange Marriage"?
    well, its a reality in india and its something like this : Parents look for suitable match for their son/daughter.. through different resources, online, relatives, friends.. the boy-girl meet happens and in say one or two meet.. (yeah just one or two) they gotta decide if they r ready to marry each other or not...Its soo fucked up.. I mean, its my version of telling someone who to love and marry...
    well, there you go...

  2. Yeah, I understand that it's tradition for some, but for me they are just wrong on so many levels.


  3. I think the arranged marriage thing in India and Prop 8 are pretty different: in the end, Indi, you have a might make trouble for you, and for some families it breaks them up, but in the end it's not a legal thing you are dealing with, and I see in India that it's becoming less of a tradition in the main centres and modern parts than it was ten years ago. Unless your parents are freaked out traditionalists who couldn't care less for you and just insist on THEIR way for the sake of it...then I would think at some stage the break has to be there anyway. But Prop 8: that's the law.

    And you can say it's wrong JB, but whether we like it or not, our whole society has been based on religious principles. A sense of morality, right and wrong, etc. You may say it no longer appplies, and that may be, but in that case I'd ask who is wrong: society or the moral code it seeks to escape from? That is really the question.

    Phew. Sorry :) That was a little longer than expected :)

    Nice blog btw!!

  4. @Braja: I know , I know :)
    I was just rambling.. you know, letting her know stuff...

    HEY JB.
    check out my blog..
    Post called "Speading some love- blog-wise"
    DO IT.
    I have something for you!!

  5. Hey Indy and Braja

    I love the facts thanks. I know that we all have choices but sometimes are choices are guided by others who think that they know what choice maybe better or worse for us. Choice is a something that I understand well because choices where made for me by others and it turned out bad for me. As for moral and principles we should be able to love who we want, that's it.

    I think it is wrong, to have anyone tell us other wise. Please don't take this the wrong way but I refuse to have anyone tell me what to do and who to be with unless it's my mother then it's a totally different ball game and i don't think I want to go up to bat unless I am prepared well ahead...lololol.

    Thanks I value your thoughts and opinions

  6. should be a choice, no two ways about it. nothing i dislike more to see someone's rights as a human being taken away from them

  7. katieleigh your right. All people should have the right to choose what they want for themselves. That's it, we all deserve to be happy in whatever we choose.

    Also you take wicked good pictures really. Keep it up and thanks for stopping by to tell me how you feel.


  8. Could not agree more :) Love has no limits--therefore why should it have traditions?

    Happy Thanksgiving <3

  9. Indrayani sent me, and I couldn't agree more! I just can't understand why so many people think they're way of living is the only way to live.

  10. I think it is terrible that the issue is being addressed state by state. This is not a state issue, it is a national issue. How is it different than when women fought for the right to vote, or African Americans fought for equal rights under the law. The system is not perfect, but hopefully our legal system will realize that a large group of people are having their civil rights stomped on.

  11. I'm with ya completely.

    Ultimately, the same arguments now being made against same-sex marriage were made against interracial marriage (and by many of the same people though, sadly and ironically, many racial minorities are now on the anti-gay bandwagon with the very people who were trying to deny them rights such a short time ago...).

  12. I know what's up with that. It just makes me wonder the why's and the how's of people's state's of mind in these ever changeing times.

    Thanks for your view it is much apprecited and also thanks for stopping by.



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