Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who is JB?

  • is a women who works with her mother, sister, and a bunch of other relatives in her family business (an Italian restaurant that's been around for 20 years, although family members have been working together for the last 40 years, so that's a lot of family time... way too much)
  • is a chef
  • is sometimes a mess
  • is single
  • loves cycling
  • has a secret love for writing (even though she failed English three times and had to make it up in summer school)
  • isn't perfect, yet those who love her love her forever, and those who don't usually do eventually because, as she's always said, the line between love and hate is blurred
  • loves languages
  • has only ever had French & Italian lovers
  • is an enigma, even to herself
  • never kisses and tells, unless you piss her off
  • loves to drink beer when she is relaxing, tea when she is down, and red wine to get the creative juices flowing
  • is grateful for music and movies because they keep her sane
  • is also grateful for her bike because getting away for a ride keeps her from throwing knives at her family when they're working
  • is the kind of person who, when you are in need & least expect it, will show up with some kind of care package full of stuff just for you (don't ask her how she knows you needed what she brought, she just does)


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