Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The NutriBullet

I’ve come across a little gem that I need to share with you guys. It’s called the NutriBullet. If you’ve heard of the Magic Bullet, the NutriBullet is made by the same people, but it’s much more powerful. For someone who’s never bought anything seen on an infomercial, I really love this thing. I ordered it online straight from the official site and it arrived in three days, no problems.

The infomercial makes claims about getting healthy, curing ailments, and how it will start to work in one day, but that’s marketing for you. Personally, I started noticing a difference in the way I was feeling after two weeks of using it. I’m no longer bloated all the time, my skins looks much better, and I’ve lost a little weight.

Now I’m not making any claims that the NutriBullet should be a weight loss tool or anything like that, but I love that I can just throw fruits and/or vegetables in there and not lose any of the nutrient rich fiber content. It’s wicked because it doesn’t work like a blender or juicer; it actually pulverizes what you put in it, so everything becomes liquid. I've been using it for about a month now and I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the awesome juices, smoothies and soups that you can whip up in less than five minutes.

I was thinking I might post recipes every once and a while, so stay tuned for those. If any of you happen to own a NutriBullet, I’d love to know what you’re making with it.



  1. please post recipes... i got one of those things, not a nutribullet, but one that does what it does, and i'd like to try some yummy stuff...

  2. I own the Magic Bullet and love it, but I like the idea of something more powerful. I'd be interested in your recipes too - please post.

  3. @Shadow I am getting some recipes together. i will post some soon. I really like this little machine.

  4. @Travel this machine is much more powerful and it is worth perhaps upgrading. Check the website and you will get more info. I will post some recipes soon.


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