Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strange Cake Messages... For Real

Last month I told you guys about the old man who wanted me to write "Happy Berth-day 92 my wife" on a cake. I mentioned that his birthday message got me thinking about some other weird things people have asked me to write on cakes for them, and that I was going to make a list of strange cake messages for a future blog post. Well, I'd like to share some of those messages with all of you now. Most will be hard to believe, but I promise they're all for real. What you folks have to ask yourselves is how the heck I manage to keep a straight face when people come to my counter and ask me to write these things.

* To 20 more years of fist pumping action bros!

(my blog rating is PG, so I'm not even going there...)

* I hate all of you equally

(oh, come on, surely you hate one of them just a teensy bit more than the rest)

* I know last week was your birthday. Guess I'm sorry.

(you guess?)

* This cake was never meant for you

(so, you spent 25 bucks just for fun?)

* Good luck at your new job 'cause your going to need it

(wow, way to boost someones ego, buddy)

* Happy 16 birthday to my daughter/son

(I guess some parents aren't sure??)

* I never really cared much for birthdays

(but you cared enough to buy a cake?)

* Why happy birthday?

(um, maybe because it's better than sad birthday)

* To all the birthdays I missed, I'm sorry for this one

(what? only this one?)

* Birthdays suck and so do you sista!

(nothing like getting a cake to tell someone how you really feel)



  1. JB... Thank you for giving me an idea for a post of my own :)

    And a credit by name...

  2. Haha! Weirdos, man. But I would love to get a sarcastic or rude b-day cake. It's so unexpected and funny. there such a thing as a Christmas cake?

  3. LOL! Why didn't I think of getting a "I hate all of you equally" cake when I left my last place? That is awesome!

  4. I can think of a few people I would want the Drop Dead cake for. Although, that written on a pie would be better because then you could throw it at them.


  5. Oh my god!!! Is this for real?? Someone get me a cake like that.. Ill throw the whole cake in his face

  6. Birthdays suck and so do you.... I l love it

  7. good grief, why even spend money on a cake??????

  8. worries it's my pleasure to help out a fellow blogger.

    @Nova...I love when people come up to my counter with little pieces of papaer with secret messages written on them now. As for Christmas nothing yet but it's still early.

    @Travel....I know I love that one she was so pissed off when she came to the counter and asked me. She looked at me and said yeah I know what I

  9. @Lin...yeah it's funny. Sometimes I find it nuts that people actually want shit like this written on cakes. I don't get it. Well it gives me something to write about besides myself.

    @Chrissy....I've written on one pie for an old guy. he was giving it to his wife. I wrote wishing for another 40 years love you baby....that was sweet or he was getting ready to throw it at her.

  10. @Pooja...yeah it's real. If you want a cake like that just piss someone off and they will drop 30 bucks to get you Have a good one. know it dude!

    Glen...lololol...that one still makes me laugh. I wonder what kind of reaction he was going for.

  11. @Shadow.....what would I write about. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping in. I think cakes are a great idea for expressing feelings.

  12. It's so true, I've seen the most hilarious cakes!
    Kristina J.

  13. @kristina....yes cakes with messages so deep and profond always make my day. Thanks for stopping in and reading my little story.



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