Friday, June 25, 2010

Customer of the Week: Multiple Cake Guy

I started work last Sunday -- Father's Day -- at 5:30am. For three hours, I flat iced and decorated cakes. By the time we actually opened for business, my arm was killing me and I couldn't see straight anymore. I really needed a break, but I still had some cakes to finish up, so Drey (my co-worker) went to greet our first customer of the day.

Drey: Hi, can I help you?

MCG: I need a birthday cake?

Drey: Alright, what kind?

MCG: I just need a birthday cake?

Drey: Yes, but what kind of cake would you like?

MCG: Just a birthday cake.

Me: (some people are so dense) Sir, (walking up to the counter) what size of cake do you need?

MCG: Umm...

Me: Would you like a white cake or a chocolate cake?

MCG: Umm...

Me: (pointing to a quarter slab in the display case) Will this do?

MCG: Yes, OK.

Me: (pulling out the cake from the display case) What would you like written on it?

MCG: "Happy birthday to my beloved son, on this day, on your birthday."

Me: (O... K...) What about his name?

MCG: It's Muhammad.

Me: (handing the cake to Drey so she could finish serving the guy) Alright, she's going to take care of that for you.

MCG: Thank you.

When the guy left with his cake, Drey and I had a good laugh at the rather redundant birthday message that he wanted written on it. There's a first time for everything, I guess, including a guy who comes back 30 minutes later for yet another birthday cake.

MCG: (approaching the counter with a young girl) Hi, I'm back.

Me: Was there a problem with the cake, sir?

MCG: No, I need a another one.

Me: (hmm) Oh?

MCG: (picking up a Boston fruit cake from the service counter out front) I need you to write something on this.

Me: I'm sorry, sir, but I can't write directly on a cake with fruit piled on top.

Young girl: Yeah, they can't write on fruit, Dad.

BCG: Well, they can write on something. A piece of cake or chocolate...

Me: (trying not to laugh) Sir, we can't write on a piece of cake to put on a cake.

Young girl: Yeah, Dad, they can't put cake on a cake.

Me: (ha ha, thanks for your two cents, kid) I can write on a cookie.

MCG: What kind of cookie?

Me: (picking one up and showing it to him) It's a wafer cookie.

MCG: There is not enough room to write on that.

Me: (of course not...) Sir, exactly what do you want me to write on it?

MCG: The same thing as the last cake, but to my daughter. Her name is Amira.

Me: (maybe if I had tiny mouse hands) The best I can do is write "Happy Birthday, Amira" on it.

MCG: OK, that's fine.

Again, I have Drey prepare the cake for him and send him on his way, only to see him return a half hour later with the same daughter and an even younger one.

Me: (looking wide eyed at Drey who turned away giggling)

MCG: We need another cake.

Me: (OK, seriously, how many kids does this guy have born on the same day & why couldn't he just order all of the cakes at once?) Alright, what kind would you like this time?

MCG: I want a cheesecake, but not for a birthday cake. I have another daughter at home and she can't eat anything with gelatin on it.

Me: (then you should have picked another cake) I'm sorry, but the fruit on the cheesecake is covered in gelatin.

MCG: Oh... right. Umm... Can you make me one now without any?

Me: (yeah, let me get my magic wand & I'll make one appear out of thin air for you) Sir, I can't make you a cheesecake right this moment. It's going to take at least 30 minutes.

MCG: OK, how about 45 minutes or an hour?

Me: Sure. What kind of fruit would you like on it?

MCG: Can you put mangos, bananas and cherries?

Me: I can put bananas, but not the other two.

MCG: What about tangerines & strawberries?

Me: Yes, I can do that.

MCG: OK, I will come back.

An hour later, the guy comes back and I present him with the cheesecake. He was so happy, he could not stop praising us.

MCG: It's beautiful. Thank you. You are the best, ladies. Thank you for helping me. Thank you. It looks beautiful. Thank you.

Me: (ha ha, he's too much) My pleasure, sir. Enjoy your day.

Two hours and one hundred bucks later, the guy finally had all of the cakes he needed. I thought it would be nice if his wife or maybe one of his kids came in to buy him a Father's Day cake, but that never happened. Maybe they made him one, I don't know. He certainly deserved a cake for making sure his kids were happy on a day when they should have been showing their appreciation for him.



  1. I work in a library and while different, I can tell you... I totally know how you felt with this... some people are just.. *sigh* a challenge.

  2. Hilarious!

    How are you my dear?


  3. Jess tell me about's nuts some days.


  4. Annnaaaaaa!!!! I'm awesome. As you can see my customers are freaking retards. How are you my love?


  5. That's freakin hilarious! You get some real winners....

  6. Travel, I get them all. I swear they do it on purpose to me. When I walk into work I pray it will be a normal day and no effing way its never like that.



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