Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun With Pictures

Hi everyone, this is Eddy sitting in for JB. She was supposed to have two days off in which she was planning to catch up on her blogging, but that didn't happen, so she asked me if I could please write a guest post today. Well, I don't really have anything all that entertaining to share, so what I've decided to do is actually make today's post fun & interactive. Actually, this is an idea that JB and I have talked about before, but we never did get around to it, so this is going to be a nice surprise for her when she checks in tonight.

As you can see, I have posted a photo of three seniors in conversation. Now, I invite all of you to leave a comment telling JB and I what you think those three are talking about. In other words, write a line of dialogue for each person.

Can't wait to read what you guys come up with!

Until next time,


  1. Man: So then I pulled my gun like so, and demanded all the money from the passengers.

    Grey-haired Woman: You know, Mabel, Alzheimer's is one thing, but now Charlie thinks he's Jesse James.

    Mabel: I like kittens.

  2. Man: "So you just stick your finger in thusly and wiggle it around a bit..."

    Dark-haired woman: Mmmm... that takes me back.

    Grey-haired woman: I hope no one notices I just wet myself.

  3. The old man is obviously inviting the two old ladies to pull his finger.

  4. OK, said in English local brogue:

    Man to woman on right: "Well, look at your stick. It's a lot bigger than mine, ain't it?"

    Woman replies: "And, how would I know, Stanley?"

    Centre woman: "Oooh, you cheeky monkeys!"

  5. Darn - Chris took my idea!! But, Judge Fudge won with pull my finger. Excellent!! LOL

  6. Hey Eddy,
    Tell JB I nominated her for an award and that she has to stop by and visit to pick it up. :-)

  7. Man : HANDS UP!! Gimme that burger!!

    1st Woman: Mister, we walk with sticks.. but we aint blind..

    2Woman: Yeah, we know you have a plastic gun...

  8. man: and he said i should've had it fixed long ago

    woman, right: and didn't i tell you that too???

    woman, middle (mumbling): you did, you did....

  9. Man - What is that?

    Woman in the middle - Just dropped some hot wax on my hand.

    Woman with the stick - I told her! No point wanting to wax off your vaginal hair, now.


  10. Well...

    Picture Firends' Joey... now...

    Man: How you doin'! ;)

    Brunnete woman: *giggles*

    White hair lady: (in a coffy voice9 Not that well... my knees and my back are killing me... I blame this weather!

    [LOOOOOL Sorry for this...]

  11. Ha ha ha, you guys, too funny! Roberto, you so naughty! lol

    How about...

    (to be read with an Italian accent)

    Man: Eh, Maria, whata happen to you? You breaka you arm o' sumating?

    Dark-haired lady: Si, Marcelo, I trip a' da fron step when Sofia an me go visit my son. I see stars, it hurta so bad.

    Grey-haird lady (aka Sofia): Please, Maria, you no see nahting, dat why you fall down. How many time I tella you get doctor check you eyes, eh?


  12. Hey guys, I'm here, finally. Oh boy, it's been quite the week for me. Anyway, here's what I think the old folks are saying.

    (like Eddy's, read this with an Italian accent)

    Man: Eh, whata happen to you hand?

    Dark-haired lady: What, you no remember las' night?

    Grey-haired lady: Oh my God, you two still play spanky-spanky?

  13. Yes ladies Medicare has a new health service initiative:
    Seniors serving Seniors street team
    I am in charge of breast examinations
    You want to go first?

    Peace -Rene

  14. "Grey-haired lady: Oh my God, you two still play spanky-spanky?"
    --Oh LOL. Dear oh dear! hahaha.

  15. Well, I had something pretty good typed up to leave here, but I decided to NOT leave it. I am NOT a naughty girl!! =)

    Anyway...funny comments left!

    Hope you're doing well.


  16. Man to woman on end: God, you're a real cutie! I never noticed before.

    Woman on end: I was wondering when you'd notice.

    Woman in middle, thinking: How come I always get left out of the conversation?

  17. First woman: So you just take it and it works?

    Second woman: Those little blue pills?

    Man: And it gets as big as that cane you're holding.

  18. Man: You should show me your belly button piercing IMO!

    Woman on right: STFU DIAGF!

    Woman in Middle: PWNED!

  19. Man: So it was that long

    Grey-haired Woman: I highly doubt that, you can barely even get it up anymore....

    Mabel: Its alright, even when he does it isn't that long.


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