Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nearly Naked Man on Campus

Hello Everyone,

No doubt you've all heard of 'big man on campus' but 'nearly naked man' --- um, WTF?

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction this morning when I saw a news report of a nearly naked man on the Wellesley College grounds in Boston, MA. Turns out it wasn't a real man in his underwear, but a statue called "Sleepwalker" by artist Tony Matelli. The life-like sculpture was positioned beside a road on the all-female college campus --- SHEESH!!! --- to draw attention to a new exhibit by Matelli at the campus museum. I guess putting up some posters wasn't enough?

Anyway, there are pictures all over the web of this sculpture. As you can see from the images I have posted here, the figure looks quite real, but more like a Zombie than a man sleepwalking -- at least to me. What do you guys think?

Furthermore, if I was a female student at that college and came across what looked like a very much alive and almost naked male stranger -- especially during the evening -- I'd be totally creeped out!!

Yep, this is one really bizarre publicity stunt, but I guess it worked if it's being reported all over the internet. And, despite a petition to have a the statue removed, it's not going away any time soon because the Matelli exhibit is on until July 20th. I think having the sculpture around that long will spark some crazy student related stunts in the upcoming months, don't you? A whole lot of Mr. Dress Up, if you ask me. :)

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